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1) You can search all listings in the entire MLS System and you can save properties and get email notifications for new listings. However, we do not require you to register to search on our site. But, if you do register you can save searches and save duplicating your search parameters each time you login to search.

2) Once you save a property we can give you the confidential market information, such as the date listed and the original price. In a buyer's market like this, knowing the history of a property's pricing is very helpful in getting the best price. We can also tell you the above grade sq. ft. cost of each property so you can compare apples and apples. Also, we can tell you if a property has dropped dramatically in price, indicating a motivation to sell on the part of the seller.

3) We can help you and our services are free. We do not do dual agency which means we can represent you similar to an attorney-client relationship, but at no cost to you - EVER! There is also no administrative selling fee, which several companies charge to find you a home.

4) Finally, we are very good at what we do, which is preparing all the necessary papers for sale and helping you get the best possible price and terms.

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